Circumcision is the surgical procedure where the removal of the foreskin is done from a penis. Circumcision lowers the risk of diseases like urinary tract infections. Men and older boys also get circumcised as well. Circumcision surgery can be performed at any age and it heals within a week.

Is circumcision painful?

Like any surgery, circumcision can cause mild pain. Anaesthesia and pain management medicine help in reducing discomfort.

Benefits of circumcision:
  • Decreased risk of urinary tract infections
  • Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections
  • Prevention of penile problems
  • Decreased risk of penile cancer.
  • hygiene

The most common complications associated with circumcision are infection and bleeding.

Rarely, circumcision might result in foreskin problems. For example:

  • The foreskin might be cut too long or too short
  • The foreskin might fail to heal properly
  • The remaining foreskin might get reattached to the end of the penis, which requires minor surgical repair

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