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Minor Surgeries

Minor Surgeries are surgeries performed on superficial tissue, under local anaesthesia using minimal equipment. These can be performed safely and quickly with few or zero complications, and patient is conscious throughout the minor surgeries but does not experience pain.

Procedures of Minor Surgeries at HIMAS Hospital

Minor surgeries are conducted in a dedicated surgical procedure room i.e. well-ventilated, air-conditioned, and cleaned room and is mopped after every minor surgery. Before any procedure, your healthcare provider will use disposable surgical gowns, gloves and a pair of goggles.

What can I expect if I wish to undergo a minor surgical procedure at HIMAS Hospital?

Should your healthcare provider advise that your condition warrants a minor surgery, it can be performed as soon possible on the same day.

Before the procedure :

Your consent will be taken and all precautions and likely problems will be discussed.

During the procedure :

During minor surgeries, local anaesthesia would be administered.

After the procedure :

You would be provided information on after-care and the clinic’s contact number. Additionally, a follow-up medical appointment would be suggested so the doctor can assess your recovery and whether any next steps are required