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Corn Excision

What is the corn removal treatment?

Corns and calluses are areas of stumpy skin which are caused by pressure or friction. They usually hurt when a person wears shoes or walks. corn generally develops on the person's feet or hands. Corns generally have a soft or hard inner core. Corns which are mostly found between the toes are soft corns, while corns form on the top of the toes are hard corns. Corns are mostly caused by ill-fitting shoes which get cured on their own by wearing the right shoes.

How is corn removal treatment done?

Corn removal treatment starts with a detailed evaluation of corn which is caused by excess or recurring pressure. Once the evaluation is done, doctors determine the condition of the patient and advise for the treatment. Many treatment options are available such as-

  • A salicylic acid-containing medical patch which is used for thinning of thickened areas.
  • In some cases, doctors may trim the corns depending upon the patient’s situation.
  • Good-fitted shoes are recommended to avoid this problem. Shoes should be padded and soft too.
  • The surgical process is also performed on some of the patients to rectify the alignment of bone causing friction.
What happens if Corn is left untreated?

Corn is left untreated, then it may cause further severe complications such as pain, septic arthritis, bursitis and osteomyelitis.

HIMAS Hospital has a dedicated expert surgeon in this particular procedure, offering patients a higher level of expertise and precision in treating corns. Our doctors are highly experienced and performed a number of successful corn removal procedures. We have advanced or innovative techniques which are used for corn removal. We are a patient-centred hospital and our top priority is to individualized care, taking the time to understand each patient's unique needs and concerns.